About Us



Laboratory of Intelligent Networks and Knowledge-perception Systems (LINKS) is located in the Engineering Science Building (ESB) at the University of Connecticut. ESB provides opportunities for interdisciplinary research and educational programs among faculty and students, strengthens the capabilities of individuals and groups in the pursuit of government and industrial projects, and maintains an environment for research, development and continuing education that is responsive to the changing needs of society.

The research at LINKS is focused on various aspects of the science of autonomy for developing intelligent complex-networked systems. Examples of such complex systems include a swarm of unmanned vehicles, distributed sensor networks, power grid, aircraft control systems, hybrid vehicles, etc. Some key research areas include autonomous machine perception, information fusion, distributed learning, adaptive decision & control in presence of uncertainties, path planning in unknown and hazardous environment, cooperative tasking and adaptive navigation of unmanned vehicles, intelligent sensor networks for Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) operations (e.g., anti-submarine warfare, mine counter measures, and personnel detection), structural health monitoring, and fault diagnosis & prognosis in networked-control systems. The research philosophy is built upon multidisciplinary concepts derived from Statistical Mechanics, Symbolic Dynamics, and Automata Theory. In essence, the research at LINKS is centered around the essential characteristic of cyber-physical systems that links the domain of fundamental system dynamics with the domain of information & control.